This page contains only a brief guide.
Please check the Japanese page for supplement the information.


For directions to the venue, please check the website or search following address on the Map apps
→「時之栖(Toki-no-sumika)」Gotemba Kogen Hotel
*The venue’s official site is only written in Japanese, please use translator to check the information.

Address: 719 Koyama, Gotenba-shi, Shizuoka-ken 412-0033


Friday, October 27, 2023 – Sunday, October 29, 2023

Venue’s Map

*When you will go to out of the hotel, you can stroll only Blue area if you wearing a fursuit.
*Please keep a fursuiter attended someone in public space (out of the hotel).

Inside of Gotemba Kogen Hotel (Main venue)

Official Projects

October 27th (hotel guests only)

You can stroll in the public area (indicating in blue area in Venue map) freely with wearing fursuits.

“Furming  Up” Eve of the festival party. (Kaede Room)

*Need to pay additional fee (3,000 JPY) for snacks and drinks

October 28th

Opening Ceremony (Sakura Room)
Fursuit Parade & Group Photoshooting (Starting point of Parade : Gotemba Kogen Hotel)
Tennis & Badminton(Tennis court)
Illumination Lighting Ceremony(Outdoor Stage & Tunnel)
All Night KEMOCON(Internet radio broadcast: Sakura Room and/or Youtube)

October 29

Early morning Fursuit Group photoshoot & Radio calisthenics (KAEDE Room start)
Artists’ Lounge
(Various small projects and karaoke: FUJI room)
KEMONO Conference (SAKURA room)
KEMOCON Market (Dealer’s event) (FUJI room)
KEMONO-SAKA (sports games: location to be determined)
Chair-chaising  (SAKURA room)
FUR-TRICK (Dance party in SAKURA room)

entrance fee

Pre-registration required.
Same-day registration is only available on the 28th and 29th.
Supporter PASS
12,000 JPY
Participation on 27-29th

Sponsors will receive the following perks.
-T-shirt and strap
-SUPPORTER exclusive  space in the changing room.
-Priority space for group photoshoot (fursuiter only)
-Priority access to KEMOCON Market
-Your name will be listed in the Kemocon16’s credit roll
-Ticket for Leaflet

Member PASS
6,000 JPY
Participation on 27-29th
  • Members will receive the following perks.
    -Right of Use the changing rooms (fursuiter only)
    -Ticket for Leaflet

One Day Pass
3,000 JPY
Attend on 28th or 29th

Person use “ONE DAY PASS” will receive the following perks.

  •  -Right of Use the changing rooms (fursuiter only)
    -Ticket for Leaflet

Products for sale

Kemocon 16th Original T-shirt 2,500 JPY

Towel 2,000 JPY

Sticker (large) 1,000 JPY

Sticker (small) 400 JPY

No image
Mocha (KEMOCON original character) photo book 600 JPY

Shipping of Participation PASS

  • Those who have listed an address in Japan in the pre-registration will receive a pass to attend the event in advance.
  • “ONE DAY PASS” is not prepared for pre-reservation. Please come to the headquarter directly for registration.
    *Headquater is located in front of Kaede Room
  • We afraid that we would not send items (badge and perks) to the abroad. please come to headquarter to receive receive them.

About Registration.

Registration period:August 4 – September 24

Please start the registration  as following process.

(1) Hotel booking
– Participants who wish to stay overnight are requested to make their own room reservations.
– We afraid that Kemocon Project could not help the hotel booking, please book the room in the booking page or contact the hotel directly.

(2) Registration for “Kemocon”
-After booking the hotel, please start the registration.

*We are sorry but please use Japanese to book the hotel and  do the registration.
*If you need some help for registration, please send the email (info@kemocon.com)

Enjoy your wonderful trip!