Kemocon10~Anniversary~Registration Guideline

Kemocon10~Anniversary~will have 3 events from Novemeber 11th to November 12th.

Which event would you like to participate?

Please see each page of the events for details


Let’s register in advance for the events

You can register only for Kemocon Anniversary on-site, and you need to register in advance for Kemocon Bowling and Kemocon Night Cruise.

Please proceed to advance registration from this page.

Let’s pay the fees in advance

If you pay the fees of the events in advance, we will send your participation badge and tickets in the mail. Those who have their badges won’t have to go through the registration process on-site, so it will be very convenient for you.
Now, those who wish to participate in “Kemocon Bowling” and/or “Kemocon Night Cruise” must pay the fees in advance. The payment period is from September 1st to October 23rd. We will let you know how you can pay your fees via e-mail after your advance registration.

Advance registration starting day and the deadline

Kemocon Anniversary

From August 1st (Tue) – November 2nd (Thu)
*On-site registration will also be available

Kemocon Bowling & Kemocon Night Cruise

First registration period:
August 1st (Tue), 2017 – August 31st (Thu), 2017

Second registration period:
There will be a second period only when there are vacancies after the first period

Let’s register for the events as fursuiters

We have a registration form for those who plan to participate in the events as fursuiters. We will publish the name of your furry, photo and contact information on the pamphlet as our perk. This will come handy for you when you would like to exchange photos with other fursuiters, so we encourage you to register for the events as fursuiters.


(We will give the pamphlet only to those who participate in Kemocon Anniversary. Please be advised those who participate only in Bowling and/or Night Cruise will not get it)

The deadline is October 20th

Link to Registration forms

Registration for participation is Here. ※(Nov. 11th,12th) (VISITOR/SUPPORTER)
Fursuit Registration is Here. ※Deadline Oct 20th

*“Fursuit Registration“ is not required. You can put your fursuit photo in the leaflet if you register.

Links to other guidelines

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